Helix Seminar and Workshop 25 May 2018

Luke Pinkerton

Luke Pinkerton, CTO, Helix Steel

Over 60 engineers, contractors and ready mix suppliers listened attentively to Luke as he discussed the science of Helix and the basics of design using this micro rebar. Helix was invented at the University of Michigan, and Luke has spent the last 21 years taking this invention from the lab into the real world of concrete.

Program Details

Samhar Hoz

Samhar Hoz, Engineer, Helix Steel

Samhar Hoz is a senior structural engineer at Helix Steel with a master's degree in engineering management from Eastern Michigan University. Prior to that she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Structural engineering from Baghdad University, Iraq . She is a LEED Green Associate and is a secretary of ACI 332- Residential concrete work sub-committee.

In the morning seminar, Samhar examined the use of Helix in concrete walls. The calculation of Helix was done using the on-line calculator as well as by hand. In the afternoon session Samhar discussed Helix mixing design and dosages.

In the picture above, Samhar discusses the advantages of using Helix in ICF foundation walls with one of the attendees.

Morning workshop

Speed of Construction: Helix vs. Rebar

In the morning workshop a 9' high Nudura ICF wall (including one corner and one window) was built first using rebar. Then the wall was dismantled and constructed with Helix. Helix still required a single bar at the top of the wall as well as a bars around the opening.

The Helix build took seven minutes, the rebar took 21 minutes, three times as long. The benefits of Helix are labour savings and the elimination of rebar placement errors.

Syrian gourmet lunch

Gourmet Syrian Lunch

Our warehouse manager Chauki and his wife Zeina prepared a delicious lunch for the attendees: oven baked chicken, Syrian green salad, Kibbeh (bulgur wheat and minced meat) and eggplant zucchini and tomato casserole. All attendees came back for seconds and third helpings!

Katherine Chevier

Katherine Chevier, Quality Control Manager, Lafarge

Katherine discussed the importance of good mix design with steel fibers. This ensures the fibers are properly coated with cement paste and that they remain suspended in the concrete during transportation and placement.

Patio slab reinforced with Helix

Inspecting the patio slab reinforced with Helix

In March of 2017 at the ICF-Expo event this slab was poured using Helix as reinforcement. Jacob DeVos, Wicke Herfst Maver engineer, Luke Pinkerton and one other attendee look for cracks or Helix fiber on the slab. Answer? No cracks and no Helix showing.